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Janets Weekly Blog – 15/06/20

Scam Awareness

It Scam Awareness fortnight from the 15th June and it’s a national campaign that we get involved with every year.

This year we want to carry on with the same good messages.

Help people to recognise a Scam 

Encourage people to take action and report a scam 

and my favourite – Talk about Scams

Please think about how you can include this in the good work you do as well as a point of discussion with your friends and family.

I know some of you may a little jaded with me going on about Scams, so in my endeavour to jazz things up, there are a couple of YouTube clips which are good and short and an interactive quiz  -( not the same one we had last year, this one has been sent to me from my son in Australia.)

So can you SPOT all the mistakes on these SCAMS?

Please Please Please take a quick look – 20 mins at the most of your time to look at all the following:

1) Youtube clip from the Illegal Money lending Team – How to Spot a Loan Shark

(not a scam I know but fits in quite nicely with our mission to help protect people  )

2) YouTube clip from Friends Against SCAMS -What is a Scam, click DEAR DAVID

3 ) YouTube video from the This Morning programme with Martin Lewis

4) The Spot the Scam quiz – have a go!

Take a look at a couple of good resources on our CA public site too

Janet Mylchreest

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