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Price freezes should “lead the way”

Citizens Advice has today said that large suppliers should hold off raising standard tariff rates this winter, following price freezes announced by British Gas and SSE.
Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said:
“A winter price freeze will provide some relief to people paying a steep price for the standard tariff.
“Energy customers on the standard tariff are already paying a premium – their bills are as much as £380 more than for those on cheaper fixed deals.
“British Gas and SSE have led the way by promising not to raise prices – we now expect others big firms to do the same. Larger energy firms didn’t pass on savings when wholesale prices were going down, so those savings can be used to support customers now that wholesale prices are rising and the pound is down.
“Price freezes by suppliers are welcome but it’s also important that the government looks at a more permanent way to bring down costs for people on the standard tariff. One way to do this would be automatically switch low-income customers who have been on the standard tariff for years to a cheaper deal.”

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