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Something a little more fun this week a Quiz –  Your ATTITUDES TO CASH 

Read each situation and mark which option, A to E most applies to you  

Have a Go ! – it’s a fun way to THINK about Money and if done with a  family member a great opportunity to TALK about Money.

What do you think about money ?You never think about itYou get by You feel that you shouldmanage it betterYou’re pretty good at managing itPeople ask you for advice
Saving money Is …Something others doImpossibleSomething you aim to doAn important part of looking after your moneyThe whole point to life
Your attitude to retirement savings is Your not saving – you’re too youngYou keep thinking about it but don’t startYou have started a pensionYou’re worked out how much you need to saveYou try to save as much as you can
When shopping you like to …Buy what you fancyHave an idea of what you want but get side trackedMake a list but don’t stick to itMake a list and stick to itBuy whatever is cheapest
What is your main aim in life when it comes to money ?Don’t really have oneBuy whatever you wantHave enough to treat yourself regularlyKnow what’s coming in and going out regularlySave as much as possible


Mostly A –  You’re a debt collectors dream

You could be in trouble. If you carry on with this carefree approach you may find you end up in debt . Learn some simple tips for looking after your money.

Mostly B –  Your a day to day debtor

You live for today. You never know quite where you are with your cash. A little bit of planning could make your life a lot simpler.

 Mostly C –  You’re a smart spender

You are reasonably in control, but would like a little more help. You just need to keep a closer track of your cash.

Mostly D –  You’re a careful controller

You plan for every penny and the unexpected will not worry you.

Mostly E –  You’re a squirrel

You love saving – try to learn to spend some today rather than just save for 


For some help and guidance go to our favourite website for information and tips on Budgeting & Saving

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