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Janets Weekly Blog – 27/04/20

Janets Weekly Blog – 27/04/20

Staying happy, healthy and safe- Missing Friends and Family Members

I have shared some great ideas that I saw on a Go Play Sandwell document 

At the moment, things might feel very strange; you might be really missing seeing and being with your friends or family members who don’t live with you. But by staying safe at home, we can keep our family and friends safe too. If you are missing your friends and family, some of the ideas below might help you to stay in touch.

IdeaI have had a go at this
Make a list of your favourite friends and family phone numbers,
email addresses, postal addresses. 

Sharing is caring: remember to tell someone that you live with
about how you feel.

Write a letter, poem or rap to a friend or a family member telling
them why they are a good friend/relative to you and what you
miss most about not being able to spend time with them.
You could also share your favourite memories of times you
spent together. Parents can post letters when they do an
essential shop.

Plan a list of activities that you want to do with your friends
when you can see each other again.

Create a collage of photos of your friends and families; if you
don’t have any photos draw them instead! 

Arrange to watch things on TV or online with your friends and
then call them to chat about what you thought of it on phone
or gaming device. 

Set up a weekly challenge (remember to stay safe online!) 
Create a list of activities between your friends and yourselves.
Share the photos and vote for the best response. Some
examples could includeA weekly bake-off challenge and then
post pictures of your efforts. -A garden/home treasure hunt.
Have a start-stop time and post pictures of the things you have
found Have an online karaoke party Hold a book club and
choose one book to read each week. Think of one question
each about the book and have an online discussion. 
 Choose a time to all visit an online zoo and then talk to one
another about your experience. 

Keep a journal: just a sentence or a picture a day about how
you feel, what you did so you can share it with friends or
family later.

Sharing memories about my family start a family tree; this
is a great way to share memories of our family members,
have a look at family photos (both digital and physical).  
Make a list of your family members and all come up with
a positive thing about them and write it next to their name.
You can do this with your friends on social media too. Make
a keepsake box of tickets, receipts, photos, trinkets – things
that make memories of your family member.  Draw a
picture with yourself in the middle and your family
members around you write a positive thing that links
you to each member. 

Choose a day to have a family picnic in the garden or a
carpet picnic in the house and ask your other family
members to do the same and share the fun on your video phones.

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